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Unfortunately our application cycle is over for this academic year, however we will be opening up applications next fall!

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GRC Education: Launching Your Journey as an Analyst

The onboarding process for GRC is a 6-week educational program designed to transition new members into the consulting field, where they are titled Analysts. This intensive program focuses on equipping participants with critical consulting knowledge and pre-professional skills through a series of targeted workshops led by senior members with extensive experience.

Participants will engage in an internal case competition towards the program's conclusion, applying their skills in a practical setting and competing for awards. This not only allows for hands-on experience but also fosters teamwork and problem-solving abilities. Beyond the professional training, the program includes social events and activities specifically designed for the new class, aiming to build a sense of community and networking among participants.

Upon completion, participants will be titled Consultants, ready to tackle projects and apply their learning in real-world scenarios. This program serves as both an educational journey and a gateway into the consulting profession, offering a comprehensive foundation for a future successful career." this is just a quick blurb feel free to write it however you want

Fellows: When our consultants are not working on a project, they become ESG Analysts and take part in a research program that contains three segments: research report, analytics projects, and interview brief. Fellows can pick an area of interest individually or work with a project group to develop a research article/report and publish it on the GRC Insights website.


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